Tree and Palm Pruning

Proper tree pruning promotes healthy new branch and leaf growth and reduces the likelihood of storm damage from trees that have grown too close to commercial buildings. This helps maintain the value and appearance of your property. We are experienced working with HOA’s, apartments, hospitals, construction companies and more, providing complete tree services to fit their individual service needs.

Here are some of the types of tree and palm pruning that Arboristas offers:

  • Cleaning:

    This is selective pruning to remove dead, diseased, dying, broken, and weak branches from the crown of a tree. This helps reduce hazards and minimize inefficient growth. We also remove crossing, conflicting, and rubbing branches. This will reduce structural conflicts that increase the possibility for branch failure and poor growth development. Crown cleaning usually only includes branches over a certain size in diameter, which is specified on a case-by-case basis depending on your goals and the tree’s needs.

  • Raising:

    We trim the lower branches to provide vertical clearance in order to reduce hazards to passers-by, create a better view of a house, and a variety of other reasons.

  • Reduction/Shaping:

    Selective pruning to decrease the height and/or spread of the canopy and to achieve a desired shape.

  • Thinning:

    Pruning (also known as “lacing”) to reduce the density of live branches. This type of trimming helps allow more sunlight penetration and increased airflow throughout the crown of the tree. It can also be used to reduce the weight of the canopy at certain key areas, particularly at the tips.

  • Structural pruning:

    This is selective trimming used to enhance the tree’s growth patterns and decrease the possibility of future mechanical failure. This type of pruning is particularly important for younger, smaller trees and often involves training a dominant, upright stem with well-spaced branches so as to create maximum structural integrity for the tree as it ages.

  • Restoration pruning:

    Trimming that is aimed at improving the structure, form, and appearance of a tree that has been damaged.

  • Targeted pruning:

    Especially when hazard reduction is the goal, we will target very specific branches to be removed.

  • Vista pruning:

    Trimming to allow a specific view, usually by creating view “windows” through the tree’s crown.

Palm Pruning

Palm Tree care also includes removing fruits and seeds. Some palms produce seeds that germinate in the landscape or fruit that makes a mess and smells bad when it drops. Most Palm Trees do not produce either fronds or fruit large enough to cause damage when falling. Removing flowers or developing fruit can free up starch that benefits developing fronds, roots and storage reserves.

No matter the job, Arboristas has the expertise, knowledge, and ability to take care of all your tree pruning needs. Contact us today and we will arrange for one of our ISA Certified Arborists to meet with you in order to discuss your needs!

Tree Pruning Service Areas:

Arboristas tree pruning services areas include all of Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and the counties of Inland Empire, Antelope Valley, Kern, Ventura and Santa Barbara.

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